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La Scopa - Classic Card Games app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 2288 ratings )
Games Entertainment Board Card
Developer: OutOfTheBit Ltd
Current version: 5.00, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 15 Jun 2010
App size: 50.67 Mb

You are just one touch away from a spectacular Italian card game! Have HOURS OF FUN and challenge with La Scopa, also multiplayer online.
And... ITS FREE!!!! Get it now and discover how entertaining a card game can be! Collect the cards from the table and, if you grab the last one, shout “Scopa!”, nice and loud!

What you get with La Scopa:
- Invite a friend to play online (multiplayer) or find an opponent with Game Center
- Choose your level: 3 difficulty modes against the computer (A.I. artificial intelligence)
- Play both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT orientation
- Choose your deck: La Scopa got all the original Italian regional decks (Napoletane, Siciliane, Piacentine, Piemontesi, Triestine and more), in high resolution that will look astonishing on your iPhone and iPad. Or you can play with the classic Poker cards!
- Be part of the Global High-Score (Leaderboard): there’s one for each difficulty level
- Enjoy the fun challenges and badges to collect on Game Center
- Play with Accuse (Declarations) and up to 21 points or 31, 41 or 51 and choose among many other options (Rebello, Napola, Scopa dAssi).

La Scopa was among the first games to make it to the App Store and its been collecting 5 stars in every Country, with kind comments like these:

"Played this game as a it".
"Like the original card game from Naples.".
"An enjoyable SCOPA game with a challenging computer opponent.".

Get it now for free!
And do not miss on our La Briscola and Tressette to have a complete classic card game suit on your iPhone and iPad!

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Pros and cons of La Scopa - Classic Card Games app for iPhone and iPad

La Scopa - Classic Card Games app good for

Addicting For the true Italians u should choose the napolitan cards
La scopa is one of my games I live to play daily. Id give it 4 - 5 stars but its a top rated game for knowledge and testing your brain. It helps you by thinking of witch card to place on to the table and you can even teach you tricks to collect your opponents cards. Ive noticed by playing this game Ive been doing better in subjects like math.
Awesome game. Just like when I was young. I only have one complaint. Please use the real Italian cards. For this, I give it 4 stars. Cmon guys, you can do it!
Sometimes it freezes or terminates when playing with an opponent.
Game is well designed. It is challenging to defeat the computer.
Simple game play and loads of regional decks from the masters, Dal Negro

Some bad moments

The layout is good and the gameplay is smooth. However, experienced players will go nuts. At the hard level, the computer knows your cards and has unrealistic hands. Sometimes duplicate cards show up in the same game!!
You got to use real italian cards, or its not Scopa. But most of all cant play, ads are very annoying and distracting. Got rid of it. Now using real cards and real player.
Why is this not working properly since the update? This latest version is s*it! Bring back the old one! At least that one does not freeze after two rounds
This was an unnecessary update. First of all the cards were nicer in the previous version. Secondly, I am appalled by the amount of extra ads that have been added to the game. Videos with sound now play at the end of a round. thanks! Save yourself the headache and dont update to the newest version!
The previous versions of this app had an advertising banner across the top that, while it obscured part of the opponents playing cards, was not so intrusive as to interfere with gameplay. The newest version plays a video advertisement after each game, which cant be skipped until a timer had counted down. Waaaaaay too intrusive. I deleted the app, and recommend against downloading it.
The old traditional cards were better. Why they had to design new cards I dont know. They are simply horrible!

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